Right Angle Units - Lenze GKR Bevel Gearbox


For maximum efficiency.

The Lenze GKR bevel gearboxes are a showpiece for lightweight engineering. They are also highly efficient and feature wear-free toothing.

In combination with three-phase AC and servo motors, bevel gearboxes form an efficient, compact drive unit. They are available in a 2-stage design with a torque of up to 450 Nm and a ratio of up to i=76.

Drive Package versions in conjunction with the decentralised Inverter Drives 8400 motec cover a power range of up to 7.5 kW.

Lenze GKR bevel gearbox highlights

  • 2-stage gearbox
  • Hollow shaft with keyway or shrink disc
  • Solid shaft with keyway
  • Foot or flange mounting
  • Torque plate, including rubber buffer

For more help on the Lenze GKR bevel gearbox please call Transdrive