Right Angle Units - Lenze G500-B Bevel Gearbox


Efficiency and accuracy in the application.

The Lenze G500-B bevel gearbox is efficient and are characterised by high permissible radial forces, closely stepped ratios and a low backlash.

They are available in a 2- and 3-stage design with a torque of up to 450 Nm and a ratio of up to i=360.

Lenze G500-B bevel gearbox highlights:

  • Highly efficient right-angle gearbox with a compact design for space-optimised assembly
  • Standardised shaft and flange dimensions for easy machine integration
  • Low backlash and high torsional stiffness guarantee precise results during positioning

For more help on the Lenze g500-B bevel gearbox please call Transdrive.